EA Sports UFC 5: Everything We Know

EA Sports UFC, the official videogame for the top MMA league globally, was released in 2014. Three sequels have followed it. EA Sports UFC 4, or simply UFC 4, was released last August 2020 on the Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Fans and game developers alike are already talking about UFC 5.

Here’s all you need to know EA Sports UFC 5.

UFC 5 Leaks and Trailer News

UFC 5 has no trailers or leaks due to the long development period between the time we write and the launch date. You can still follow us and get the latest information about UFC 5 as soon as available. You must download UFC MOD APK Hacked version if you like boxing and wrestling games.

EA Sports continues to support UFC 4 with patches and updates after the launch in August. The contract extension between EA Sports & UFC means that we can be confident that UFC 5 will be available in the future. This is because UFC has promised new releases every ten years.

UFC 5 Confirmed Info

One crucial detail to note is that EA has previously stated that UFC 4 (and NHL21) will run on the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro and will not receive any next-generation upgrades.

We don’t need to worry about EA Sports delaying UFC 5 for a next-gen upgrade. UFC 5 should arrive as a fully realized next-generation version of popular MMA.

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