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EA recently announced it would continue producing their own annualized titles for its long running professional American football series Madden NFL, National Hockey League (NHL), and NCAA Football . However, EA also said it will still produce new “casual” titles every year, following the trend of their popular FIFA Soccer and NHL series.

What is EA Sports

EA Sports is EA’s brand of sports video games. As EA has created more franchises, they have started to allocate resources and release high quality games for each franchise annually while other EA game franchises take EA’s resources away. The result of this was that EA Sports games were considered inferior to the rival 2K Sports games in quality, despite both being EA-made. UFC MOD APK Hack was developed for a mobile games lovers who likes to play wrestling and boxing on with hacked features.

EA’s Sports Title Conflicts:

The conflict between which products are EA’s main sports titles is mostly seen in EA Sports’ NHL series, wherein EA developed the popular NHL ’94 game for their EA Sports brand. They also thinking about Do you know? EA Sports considering a name change. This game was considered to be among one of the greatest video game ever made, and EA has tried introducing new installments yearly like most other EA franchises (EA’s Madden NFL series is another example). However, EA also publishes an annualized installment of the popular hockey simulator series NHL for 2K Games’ counterpart product line.

2k Games EA Spots

2K Games gained notoriety years ago when they demoted EA from being their exclusive NBA basketball games, causing many people to believe that EA would eventually lose all of their premier American football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and soccer franchises. EA is now regarded as inferior to 2K in terms of quality after EA lost the license to make WWE games. Nonetheless, EA still holds exclusive rights to produce football games with their Madden NFL series, also providing college football games for EA’s NCAA Football franchise. Check the latest information about EA Sports UFC 5.

EA Sports’ FIFA Series

EA Sports’ FIFA series is among one of EA’s most popular brands, with its FIFA video game franchise having sold over 100 million copies . EA has created many versions of the FIFA series yearly due to this popularity, but also releases other titles like Pro Evolution Soccer .

However, EA currently only makes mainstream sports games every year without taking away resources from other titles despite being able to create newer installments of older franchises and even create new EA Sports franchises. EA has also been known to consider certain titles as “casual” despite their successful sales, putting more resources into other franchises.

EA Games’ NHL, Madden NFL, FIFA and NCAA Football games are considered among the best sports games every year by high-profile publications like IGN . EA is also criticized for releasing very few video game genres outside of EA Sports and their casual franchises.

EA’s EA Sports brand is still well-known in the industry due to its high review scores and popular titles, but EA has recently looked toward creating newer brands like EA Originals that will help EA become known for more than just sports games.



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