How to Install Apk on Windows Phone, Windows 10

[su_note note_color=”#fffb66″ text_color=”484848″]Updated Introduction: The procedure to install APK on a Windows phone isn’t as simple as it is on other platforms. It is a little time-consuming, but you will get all of the steps in place to deploy Android APK on Windows 10.[/su_note]

About Windows Phone OS

The Microsoft Windows operating system is a type of operating system developed by the Microsoft for cell phones after it acquired half of Nokia’s business. At the beginning, the windows phone performed somewhat better, but after a short while, users discovered that it has certain barriers when compared to Android and iOS. The Windows Phone app store has less applications and games than Android’s. However, you must agree that the windows phone offers superior functionality when compared to Android or iOS.

The firm just released their newest version for their devices. The new OS is more efficient than the previous one. If you haven’t yet, you should upgrade your window OS. With the latest upgrades, you will gain some additional features as well. However, windows phone users are disappointed since they are missing out on new apps that usually debut on Android and IOS. The coding of the Windows Phone apps is distinct, as well as the user base for the Windows Phone. As a result, there are infrequently new programs that are popular among Android and iOS users.

How to Install Apk on Windows Phone PC Computer

Why you need APK on Windows Phone?

As you may guess, the Windows Phone’s stock applications and games are not as comprehensive as Android or iOS. If you want to use the Android Apk on your Windows phone, you’ll have to go through the difficult procedure outlined on this page. Using a USB drive or an online storage service for your Windows 10 mobile device, you can install the android apk on it. The process is a little more complicated, but it will undoubtedly succeed. I’m hoping you received the solution to your question. Now go ahead and play some of the most popular Android games on your Windows phone.

It is not the official method to install APK on a Windows Phone. The Android Play Store is frequently updated with new applications and games. However, after a lengthy period, users of the Windows Phone will be able to enjoy the same program. So, while the Android users are able to download a plethora of apps, Windows Phone users must install apk. There are several applications and games available in the Windows App Store, but they are restricted and non-existing games and applications from the Android Market aren’t accessible in the window app store.

How to install APK on Windows Phone/ Windows 10?

The installation of an Android app on a Windows phone, as well as Windows 10, is more difficult than you may believe. It’s only available on a computer or PC. As a result, please read carefully and then execute it without making any mistakes. The procedure is outlined below this page in stepwise form:

  • You have to get some additional software to install apk on windows phone successfully.
  • Get the Android SDK ADB Tool and wconnect from the links given here.
  • The installation of both applications is still underway. Let us now set some parameters in Windows Phone until the download is finished.
  • You have to allow the external sources data on your Windows phone.
  • Go to the phone’s settings and scroll down to find them.
  • You will able to see the ‘Update & Security’ options given there, click on that.
  • Now, you have to enable the ‘For Developers’ options and along with it, turn on ‘Device Discovery’ that given just below that option.
  • Navigate to the homepage and check if the software downloaded or not.
  • The software will be downloaded in the zip file that you have extracted in any specific folder.
  • Now, search for the extracted files and install the files that named as – IpOverUsbInstaller.msi & vcredist_x86.exe
  • Open the command prompt by navigating to the wconnect extracted folder.
  • Connect your windows phone to your PC, computer through USB mode.
  • It may ask you for pairing code that you get in the windows developer settings.
  • Enter the code and hit enter.
  • Go the ADB tool location and copy in the cmd and hit enter.
  • If you want to make sure the device is connected or not, type “ADB devices” and hit Enter.
  • The list of all connected devices will appear there.
  • Remove all previous files and folders from the ADB folder then copy your desired apk and paste it into the same location (ADB folder) before moving to the command line. Type adb install example.apk to install it. (replace example with the apk file name)
  • It will begin automatically, although it does require a short time to complete.
  • When the build is finished, you may use the APK on Windows Phone.

Note: The procedure is unofficial and done at your own risk. It can also harm your window phone OS, as well as any other phones running on the same operating system. If your mobile device is covered by a warranty, we recommend that you refrain from performing this procedure since it will render invalid your device’s warranty.


The procedure described above is functioning correctly. It’s a little longer, but most people make mistakes that result in software damage. So, in order to save time and money, we advise you to be patient with the window shop release of applications or buy an Android phone. You may leave a review about how to install APK on a Windows phone/Windows 10.

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