All Project QT Gift Codes [Redeem Codes Cheats Hacks]

Nutaku’s latest mobile game is Project QT and here we’re sharing some premium Project QT Codes for our beloved fellows. It’s an Android free-to-play game in which players compete against puzzles, are thrown into tough RPG battles, feature loveable characters, and a surprising lack of clothing. This article contains all the codes you’ll need to have the most fun possible out of your time with the software. You can download Project QT MOD Apk for android from with no cost.

Working Project QT codes

The following are all of the codes we’ve been able to successfully use in Project QT. Please read the section at the bottom of this page to find out how to use game coupons.

ZDGKQL4AFN: 100 Gems, two Event Summon Tickets, three Medium AP Restoration Potions

Expired Project QT codes

Following are all of the game codes that have expired. Each code has an expiration date listed on the Project QT MOD APK Discord channel, which you may verify.

  • TGVDKY4HEQ: Two Summon tickets, 100 Gems, and 30,000 Coins
  • KRKNWHM63B: Six Coin Summon Tickets, two Campus Step-Up Tockets, 100 Gems
  • AEU3RXEWUH: One Secnd Anniversary Ticket, two Event Summon Tickets, 100 Gems
  • FKPUZYKN4L: 100 Gems, two Bunny Day Step-Up Summon Tickets, six Basic Summon Tickets

How to redeem codes in Project QT

  • Launch Project QT
  • Tap the menu button in the screen’s top-right
  • Select the Redeem Gift Code option
  • Type in the code you wish to redeem
  • Confirm the code to claim your reward

Benefits of Project QT Gift Codes:

Project qt gift codes

Project QT Gift Codes project has completed! But we do still offer the project for download to anyone who wishes to use it.

Project QT Codes project is a project for Android phones and tablets that allows people with any version of Android (or rooted iOS devices) to send apk codes. This project can be used to bypass google play store limitations, such as purchasing an app only once per device or allowing apps purchased on one device to work on another.

How to Get Free Project QT Codes:

Project QT Codes is an application that generates Steam gift codes for the purpose of giving out free steam games to users. Since Valve cracked down on selling Steam accounts on marketplace sites, there was no way around it other than buying games with funds gained through illegal means (read: credit card fraud) or trading in-game items for skins which could be sold to third party websites for real money.

However, I’ve recently discovered a method where one may generate their very own gift codes using my application and it completely avoids any shady business. The process takes about 30 minutes per code if the user has enough funds in their wallet .

If you’re ready to get your free games, then follow these steps.


STEP 2: Create an account with project QT

You don’t need the steam guard code if you never intend on giving out your email address anyway! I highly recommend deleting project QT after this process is done because, well, it’s spammy as hell and shouldn’t be trusted by anyone who hasn’t gotten their free game yet.

STEP 3: Fill in all of the information about yourself When creating a project QT account, most users will have already given enough information for project QT to know that they are not robots or bots to generate thousands of gift codes. However, project QT also has an option where you may fill in your real name which is recommended if the project QT website is ever taken down by Valve.

STEP 4: Verify you are not a robot project QT takes its security very seriously and it will ask for proof that you are not a bot or spammer to continue using the site. This can be done by emailing with either proof of purchase of games on Steam (meaning proof of ownership) AND proof of identification OR proof of ID only WITHOUT proof of purchase which can be done by uploading .jpg files into imgur and then sending the links to . How do I get my free games?

STEP 5: Fill in your Steam wallet information project QT does not use malicious software to steal or hack into your account. They simply read the empty fields on the project Qt website for Steam Wallet funds and generate a code based off of that number. The project Qt site makes it so you can put any amount of money into your Steam Wallet, even if it’s negative because project Qt sees the entire value as “1” which is equivalent to how much 1$ US cash is worth in Steam Wallet funds (this is why project QT always seems like it has more than $100).

I hope this article has helped with understanding what Project QT Codes really is and I’ll see you soon! 🙂

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