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Cover Fire MOD APK is a  third-person shooter video game  developed and published by Gameloft. The game  was released  for iOS  on May 15, 2015,  and for Android devices on June 5 the same year. Players  can purchase and upgrade different kinds of weapons and armor with the in-game currency to fight with other players against waves of enemies that appear throughout each stage. Alongside four maps at launch, new features such as daily quests were added in updates after the release of Cover Fire . Players can compete with each other worldwide in online multiplayer matches. Different modes such as deathmatch and team deathmatch are also available to play with up to twelve players per match.

Cover Fire MOD APK 1.21.25

Cover Fire MOD APK is a fantastic Android game for fans of epic shooter actions and an intricate narrative to fully immerse yourself in. That being said, the game provides thrilling shooter experiences with comprehensive gameplay, realistic mechanics, and several modes to fully immerse yourself in the spectacular shootouts.

Pick up your weapons and take on your first shooter objectives as you explore the game’s imagined post-apocalyptic scenario. In the world where no country exists only a tyrannical corporation rules over the subjugated people, discover the war-torn environment with no nationhood. Take on the major shooter challenges in the game as you enjoy mobile FPS’ exciting gameplay. If you like star-studded, stunning streets of Hollywood story, try downloading Hollywood Story MOD APK game for android. Now battle with other Pokemon Go Trainers online with Pokemon Go MOD APK which gives you fake GPS, Free Coins and Joystick. 


In the game, Android players will explore the dark world of the future, in which Terracorp has enslaved all humanity and subjected us to their control. Throughout the globe, famines, plagues, and wars are on constant reinstatement as humans may never know calm. Thousands of years later, the empire was toppled by a formerly minor kingdom called Ambria. While there were those who fought against them, but with their tight grip on the armies and merciless mercenaries, no attempt succeeded until now.

Android gamers in Cover Fire MOD Apk: Shooting Games will find themselves taking on a series of epic and fierce shooter challenges as they help their team of legendary soldiers fight against the evil cooperation that is controlling the world.

Humanity can’t continue to live under this horrible system, and many of them are searching for a push to get rid of the fury that has been bottled up for so long. You’ll need to be that guiding light, so be it. Be the lighthouse that illuminates their path and demonstrates them how to go. The game is dedicated to commemorate the victims of the , which happened in Paris, France on November 13, 2015. If you like battle games, download Cover Fire MOD APK with unlimited money. First Person Multiplayer shooters, go download Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK with unlimited coins and gems for free. If you like dragon games, get School of Dragons MOD APK with free gems and coins. We won’t disappoint our soccer lovers, and have Top Eleven MOD APK with Unlocked Money and Tokens. If you like cooking, go ahead and try Restaurant Story MOD APK and get free money.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Simple and accessible touch control options

Android gamers will discover that they can utilize simple and accessible touch controls, as well as clear instructions and tutorials, to easily and promptly get into the fun shooter action in Cover Fire Mod Apk: Shooting Games.

That being said, gamers may enjoy themselves to the fullest with their compelling in-game fights and thrilling shooter mechanics. Explore basic and pleasant gameplay of mobile shooters as you eliminate rivals with your precise shots and save helpless hostages.

Make effective use of the simple controls to swiftly move your figures to the needed places, carefully and exactly aim at your foes to deliver well-targeted shots.

Explore the profound and captivating storyline

Feel free to explore a thrilling in-game narrative with unique shooter experiences in a variety of environments. Take on a series of intriguing in-game choices with the story mode and addicting in-game activities available. Engage in a range of distinct gameplay with unique shooter experiences, all set in an alternative future world at war. Enjoy the greatest action tales set during a time of global conflict.

Take on the awesome strategy shooter gameplay

So gamers will have even more reasons to play Cover Fire Apk Modded Version: Shooting Games on Android, since they’ll be able to play the game’s unique tactical shooter experience instead of just the standard FPS games.

However, it is feasible for Android gamers to command a team of competent fighters during massive confrontations. Take control of them as you fight against your foes and become their leader. Feel the heat of battle and anticipate the results of each decision by making the optimal moves. You can effectively defeat your enemies with your combined abilities if you make the best decisions and anticipate outcomes.

Have a squad with enough skill and capacity to swiftly handle your foes. Face them in amazing shooter challenges, engage them in multiple scenarios, and have fun with the thrilling mobile game.

Create your ultimate squad to lead them into battles

And, in Cover Fire Hack: Shooting Games, Android gamers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in incredible shooter experiences. Create a strong assassin team with various characters, each with their own distinct talents and skills.

Pick up capable hackers to attack the opponents’ computer networks, take down key objectives from a distance with the sniper, and have someone to take on the front role so you can lead the squad. Take on numerous foes in a range of circumstances and enjoy every minute of the excellent shooter action.

Visual and sound quality


Cover Fire Mod Apk: Shooting Games offers stunning 3D graphics with immersive visuals and powerful effects to immerse Android gamers in the thrilling shooter experience. You’ll be hooked to the game as well as enamored by its incredible physics, which will make every action seem more real. Not to mention that unique slow-motion sequences will add a lot of excitement to your game. In addition, you may now enjoy the game on various devices while experiencing the same smooth and pleasurable gameplay thanks on adjustable graphical settings.


The game’s graphics, as well as the thrilling in-game visuals, come together to make for a fantastic online shooter experience. The exciting in-game sounds will reel you in and keep you interested in the fun shooter adventures. However, with realistic and magnificent in-game experiences, you may always engage yourself into breath-taking PvP and PvE shootouts.

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Final thoughts

To summarize, the game allows Android users to fully immerse themselves into the thrilling shooter. At the same time, play online gamers to have fun. However, it’s now available and can be played for free thanks to our mod.

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