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[su_note note_color=”#fffb66″ text_color=”484848″]Updated Introduction: Zenonia 4 MOD APK may be the best Zenonia game yet developed by a Korean Company called Gamevil. Find yourself in for another great RPG experience in Zenonia 4 as you delve into the game’s rich and addicting features. Our new heroes will lead you on a whole new adventure.[/su_note]

Fighting with the tremendous monsters and colossal bosses of the world. Using your distinctive talents and skills, assist yourself in overcoming adversity by battling it with all your might using awesome weapons.

Follow in the footsteps of our heroes, and you’ll discover yourself discovering the overlooked secrets behind all of the turmoil that has occurred recently in the realm. Discover who is really plotting all of the terrible events and put a stop to them right away before the realms fall into pandemonium. With our review, you’ll learn more about this fantastic game.

Story: Zenonia 4 MOD APK 1.2.5

Zenonia 4 is a new game in the Zenonia series that continues the stories of Zenonia 3. You can also play as Chael and experience his own adventures in this game. Another character, Regret, will be available to you who the tales will focus on most. The game begins with you witnessing Regret, who is trapped in a dream that keeps recurring for days now. In the dream, he becomes a hero who fights evil and has been trapped inside a cave. Your dream self is surrounded by the magnificent monsters, and it’s impossible for you to get out of this bind. Surprise, however, to your knowledge, your “dream” self is a brilliant fighter who has defeated most of the creatures.

You’ve slain a lot of them, but the monster keep coming out no matter how many you destroy. It’s preventing you from progressing to the next level, but it’s hard to escape them. But in that time, your friend Chael appears and offers to assist you in your journey without being compelled by any other person or circumstance. As a result, you pass over the conflict and proceed to the next greater challenge.

You’ve probably experienced something similar to this, whether it was your first or otherwise. And like the previous time, you wake up wondering what your dream meant. Are you destined to be a hero that saves Zenonia? And who would be the one to create havoc throughout the kingdoms and why? Join Regret, Chael, Ecne, Lu, and other legendary characters in the series on their epic quest for Zenonia as you discover your own path along the way. For video players, you can also try VideoShow Apk and MX Player Apk in your android device.

Zenonia 4 Apk MOD
Zenonia 4 Apk MOD


Choose one of four character types in Sento Blaster: Blader, Ranger, Slayer, or Druid. Each class has its own set of skills and may develop in a variety of ways. For example, as a Blader, you can build your damage output in one direction pure damage, pure tank, or a mix of the two for just enough damage to not die in a few abilities. As a Ranger, do not invest points into CON; it is pointless and only converts a tiny portion of points into HP. Zenonia 4’s Slayer is the simplest character in the game, you can die less early on and save money later, with no competition. Finally, Druid, this is the mage class in Zenonia 4. I just consider it as increasing INT points to enhance skill damage. Download Unlimited Coins. War Robots MOD Apk is so lovely game if you like war games in your cell phone. 

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As for resources, you should store as much money as possible at the start since later on you’ll need a lot. You’ll need a lot of money to acquire, match, and remove equipment in the mid and late game. It will be extremely wasteful if you spend your cash early on. Furthermore, real-world money may also be used to buy additional powerful equipment. If you like fishing games, go ahead and download Fishing Strike Mod Apk.

Co-op and PVP modes

Gamevil added a PvP element to bring more excitement. You may now join forces with your pals in Dungeons, go on adventures, or compete online with the introduction of this feature. There are two forms of competition available: 1vs1 and 2vs2. In addition, you may collaborate to fight stronger creatures from the outside in Trials, form a duo of two people to explore and collect numerous appealing rewards, and so on. Trials will quickly level you up due to the large amount of experience it will provide. You must also download Super Mechs MOD Apk with unlimited money and token for free for your android devices. If you’re anime and manga lover, you must try Crunchyroll++ Premium Free.


The graphics in Zenonia 4 are quite basic. Because this game was released in 2011, the graphics technology has not yet advanced, so it cannot be compared to a blockbuster AAA graphic game. Many individuals prefer such a graphic style, however it is not beautiful; nevertheless, it gives me a more enjoyable experience. Some players on the snowy mountain map have encountered frame drops, so please set the graphical settings to Lowest for a better gaming experience. This bug has not been addressed since they’ve come out with the final version of this game. Download TiviMate Premium Apk and enjoy Firestick unlocked account.


Here you’ll discover all of the game’s thrilling components, including class types and roles:

Experience epic combats with addictive gameplay

Gamers in Zenonia 4 will be immersed right away, as they may join epic fights with a variety of different foes. Make use of your strong and stunning abilities to take them down in many ways. With easy and straightforward controls, you’ll be up and running in no time. Not to mention that the user-friendly interfaces will make things a lot easier. Feel free to have fun playing Zenonia 4 without any restrictions.

Play with different hero classes

And if you’re a fan of massive role-playing games, you may take on the challenges as one of many heroes from various classes. Discover their unique abilities and skills as you face off against the bad guys.

  • Slayer – As a skilled assassin, use your unique stealth capabilities to take down the key targets. You can quickly dispatch your foes in a single strike with amazing damages.
  • Blader – For others, the opportunity to fight the opposition face-on is appealing. You may summon your blader hero and charge into the enemy ranks if you so choose. These heroes are fantastic in defending against attacks because of their strong defenses and favorable strikes.
  • Ranger – You may play as the Rangers instead if you want a more cautious approach. These are excellent range attackers who can keep a safe distance while dealing damage to the opposition.
  • Druid – The Druids, on the other hand, are the ones to go to if you’re interested in learning magic. With strong spells that can make use of the natural and elemental forces, you may summon an army to your aid.
Zenonia 4 Hack Apk
Zenonia 4 Hack Apk

MEGA MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Skill Points
  • Unlimited Stat Points
  • Special Always Active
  • God Mode when equipping Armors
  • 100% Critical Chance
  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Free Store (Items)
  • Free Repairs
  • Extremely High Sell Price (Unlimited Money)
  • Can Always Refine
  • Unlimited Skill Points
  • Unlimited Stat Points
  • Special Always Active
  • Special Damage deals extremely high damage
  • 1 Hit Kill
  • High Item Defence
  • High Critical Chance
  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Free Store (Items)
  • Free Repairs
  • Extremely High Sell Price
  • Can Refine

Unlock and upgrade different skills and items on your characters

It’s also possible to develop the skills of your characters by equipping them with new abilities and perks. To equip your heroes with greater fighting capabilities, you’re allowed to collect all sorts of upgrades and loot to outfit them with and unlock their hidden potential. With a variety of magical items at your disposal, you may use them in any way you see fit. You can also acquire incredible things through questing and missions in order to increase your combat strength.

Collect Fairies to earn awesome buffs for your team

Zenonia 4 allows gamers to collect new fairies on their characters, as well as additional items and skills. Zenonia 4 also includes fresh Fairies abilities for players to acquire on their characters to assist them in the epic battles they must face. These are the mystical beings that may provide you with amazing boosts during your matches. This covers things like increased stats, health and mana regeneration, among other things. As a result, make careful not to neglect these powerful fairies while you’re out farming resources so that you can have them enhanced and unlocked even more potent benefits.

Enjoy the game in varied difficulties

For those who are tired of the usual game mode, you may also try your hand at a new adventure with Hard and Hell difficulty levels, which provide you with actual challenges relating to your abilities. To acquire the true powers that can assist you combat the legendary monsters, learn even more about the Fairy system.

Discover the online gameplay with gamers from all over the world

Millions of other players from all around the world are also playing every day. Enjoy the online game as you participate in the tremendous PvP challenges with millions of other gamers from all over the world. Choose your favorite heroes and engage others in the thrilling 2v2 arena fights. The exciting Abyss zone, on the other hand, should be an ideal place to compete and earn fantastic rewards. Finally, try out your abilities in thrilling 1v1 duels in the Execution Room.

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Feel free to customize your characters

You can also change the appearance of your heroes by collecting and unlocking powerful items and apparel that you may put on them as you play. This will not only give your heroes new abilities, but it will also help distinguish them from one another. As a result, you may collect many costumes and outfits to wear on your heroes to make them seem even better while fighting foes, especially if you go online.

Play the game with or without the Internet

Furthermore, if you have to go out and don’t have access to Wi-Fi, you may still play the game without spending money on mobile data. That being said, you can enjoy the entire storyline mode without having access to the Internet. And when you’re back up, all of your progress will be automatically uploaded to the server, allowing you to continue playing without interruption.

Free to play

Despite all of the features, the game is completely free to play on Android devices. That being said, you may easily download and install the game from the Google Play Store without paying anything.

Enjoy free shopping with our mod

Zenonia 4 also includes new features for Android gamers, such as the ability to play with up to four players on one smartphone. Furthermore, we’ve developed our own customized version of the game in order to allow Android gamers to enjoy the game even more on their mobile devices. Just download the Zenonia 4 Mod APK from our website and you’ll be able to experience an entirely unique gameplay.

Visual and sound quality


Zenonia is a fantastic game for Android gamers, with incredible visuals and thrilling gameplay. It’s easy to get hooked on the game because of the entertaining actions. Encounter all kinds of strange creatures, learn powerful and beautiful skill techniques, and so on in this amazing RPG world. You’ll be enthralled by how engaging the activities are.


Zenonia 4 includes engaging sound and music experiences for players to enjoy. Zenonia is a fantastic game that’ll immerse you in the world of fantasy with its immersive audio effects.

Download ZENONIA 4 Mod latest 1.2.5 Android APK

Zenonia 5 and Inotia 4 are two other great games if you’re looking for more action and adventure titles for Android. With all of the fantastic features it has to offer, you’ll be hooked to the game. If you’re interested in additional activities, Zenonia 5 and Inotia 4 should definitely be on your list.

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How to download ZENONIA® 4 MOD APK?

In three simple steps, you may download ZENONIA® 4 MOD APK:

  1. Click on a given “Download” button above;
  2. You should reach a page that will redirect you to our forum in a matter of seconds (if this does not happen, click the “Proceed” button at the top of the page);
  3. You’ve arrived on the Forum. If you’re a guest, just Log In (or Register if you’re not a member of our community) and the Download link will appear.

How to Install Zenonia 4 APK on Android

1. Download the Zenonia 4 APK file
2. Open up your Android’s settings on your phone
3. Tap “Security” and make sure to turn off the option for “Unknown Sources”
4. Search for where you saved the Zenonia 4 APK file, then select it and tap “Install”. You should get a message that says, “Successfully installed.”
5. Return to your home screen and look for an app called ZENONIA 4 in either of these places – Apps or Games folder
6. Select ZENONIA 4 from either of these two locations, which will open up a game with some introductory text about how to play this game!

How to Install Zenonia 4 APK on PC

1. Download and install BlueStacks
2. Open the app, click “search” then type in Zenonia 4 APK
3. Click on the game icon to install it on your PC
4. Once installed, open the game and enjoy!
5. If you want to change settings or uninstall the game, go to “My Apps” on BlueStacks home screen
6. To play games offline, first download them using BlueStacks’ built-in browser

How to Install Zenonia 4 APK on iPhone

1. Download Zenonia 4 APK from the App Store
2. Open up your browser on your iPhone and download Zenonia 4 APK to your computer
3. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable
4. Drag Zenonia 4 APK file into iTunes folder on computer
5. Sync phone with iTunes so that it downloads onto the device
6. Once synchronization is complete, disconnect phone from computer and enjoy playing!

How to Install Zenonia 4 APK on iPad

1. Download the Zenonia 4 APK on your laptop
2. Connect your iPad to your computer with a USB cable
3. Transfer the Zenonia 4 APK file to the Documents folder on your iPad
4. Open Safari and go to our website and download the latest version of Zenonia 4 for iOS (iPad)
5. Go back to Safari, open up Downloads, find and tap on Zenonia 4, then double click it when prompted to install it from there
6A if you’re given permission by Apple’s security system, you’ll see “Trust this app?” in a pop-up window – select Trust or
6B if not given permission by Apple’s security system, go back into Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > [enter name] App Store Profile > Trust this app?, then repeat step 5 again until successful installation is complete without any errors
7A if successful installation was completed successfully without any errors previously mentioned in Step 6A or 7B otherwise if there were some errors during installation process that can’t be fixed automatically after repeating steps 5 and 6 multiple times.


Is Zenonia 4 APK MOD is safe to install?

Yes, Zenonia 4 APK MOD app is totally safe and no root required. You can download this Moded apk or ios file in your android or Apple phone and install in phone android with just a single click.

Can I use Zenonia 4 MOD MOD offline?

Yes, Zenonia 4 APK MOD was developed to provide players with endless entertainment and excitement from hidden content but most of the games like this are offline games.

Do I need to root my device for Zenonia 4 MOD APK?

No root is not required for this Zenonia 4 MOD APK modded version. You can download and install this android file in your phone without rooting the device.

Is Zenonia 4 MOD APK is available on google play store or IOS app store?

Yes, it’s available on google play store and IOS Apple app store. The official Modded version is available here for the lovers of this App.


ZENONIA® 4 MOD APK is a fantastic Arcade game for Android that has already been downloaded 110586 times on apkkiss.com! You’ll like its gameplay for sure, and we hope you enjoy it! If you have some free time, please scroll down and give this app a positive review by providing your thoughts on ZENONIA® 4 MOD APK as well as any experiences you may have had with it, to help people all around the world understand what you think about it.

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